Satyamev Jayate On female foeticide with Aamir Khan …. Full show with English subtitles.

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This is a coverage of my struggles to save my daughters.I am thank full to my parents not only for Not killing me ,but also helping me save my daughters... My dream- A big shelter house for women who want to give birth to their daughters and raise them up with dignity and self respect , but have to fight their own families to do so. Will have medical facilities and facilities for legal aid. will have training centers for vocational courses so that they can stand up on their own two feet and stop the dependency on their husbands for finances, A child care center run and managed by the inmates, A kitchen and a vegetable farm run and managed by the inmates. At present only a dream.... But with grace of God will become a reality. God will show the way and means to achieve the dream.

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5 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate On female foeticide with Aamir Khan …. Full show with English subtitles.”

  1. Here I would like to comment that at time of marriage I was told that my father in law taught in Delhi University. However after the program, I have received some feedback, which makes it a bit doubtful. I accept my mistake in not confirming the facts, but he was already retired by the time I got married.

  2. प्यारी नन्ही सी जान थी मै
    माँ की खुशी ,अरमान थी मैं .
    माँ की अपनी सहारा बनुगी मैं ,
    सोचा था बापू का आगन भर दूंगी
    भैया का जूठा खाके जिंदिगी गुजार दूंगी
    अपने सपने की दुनिया सजा ही रही
    थी मै
    तभी माँ की घबराहट सुनी थी मैं ,
    रोना चाहती मैं पर रो न सकी ,
    बिना नाम के पहचान खोनी पड़ी ,
    बस इसलिए की मैं एक लडकी थी ,
    क्यूं माँ क्यू होने दिया तुमने ,
    सुनती थी जब माँ से दुनिया के
    किस्से ,
    खुशी से मै सोचने लगती अपने सुनहरे कल के बारे में ,
    माँ की ममता का आस था मुझे भैया के संग खेलने का प्यास था मुझे ,
    उडती मैं भी अरमानो के पंख लगा के ,
    पाती मैं भी नानी से जादू की झप्पी ,
    अगर देख पाती ये अद्भुद सी दुनिया बापू के क्रोध ने मेरे सपनो को जलाया ,
    मेरे सर से माँ का आंचल हटाया ..डर गयी थी लड़की होने से मै, नन्ही सी ,प्यारी सी जान थी मै ,माँ की

    Pyari Nnhi si jaan ti mai,
    Maa ki khusi ,arman th mai.
    Ma ki apne shara bnugi
    mai,Socha tha bapu ka agan
    bhar dungi,
    Bhaiya ka jutha khake jindigigujar dungi,
    Apne sapne ki duniya sja hi rhi
    ti mai,
    Tbi maa ki ghbraht suni ti
    mai,Rona chahti mai par ro na
    ski,Bina naam k pehchan khoni pdi,
    Bs isliye ki mai ek ldki thi,Q
    maa Q hone diya tumne,sunti thi jab maa se duniya k e kisse,
    khusi se mai sochne lgti apne sunhre kal ke bare me,maa ki mamta ka aas tha mujhe,bhaiya k sang khelne ka pyas tha mujhe,udti mai bhi armano k pankh lga ke,pati mai bhi nani se jaadu ki jhppi ,agr dekh pati ye adbhud si duniya,bapu k e krodh ne mere sapno ko jlaya,mere sar se ma ka anchal htaya..dar gayi ti ldki hone se mai ,nanhi si ,pyari si jaan tí mai,maa ki khushi,arman thi mai

  3. Is it possible to control population growth & correct sex ratio at the same time? We do not have an act to control population & PCPNDT act for a common man gives a message to keep producing girls till one gets a son.A total lack of drive to control population growth this might correct sex ratio but will result in enormous population growth with the country going chaotic & unmanagable.

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